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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens in the 1st Prenatal visit?

During the first prenatal visit we will create your birth plan. We will cover preferences, attendees, when to call, hospital bag checklist, resources/references, and my overall role in your birthing experience.

What happens in the 2nd Prenatal Visit?

During the second prenatal visit, we will cover birth positions and comfort measures/tools with both you and your partner or support person.

What is "Mommy Care"?

This service consists of making the last month of pregnancy easier on the mom and family by helping mommy with day to day tasks such as cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry (pick up/drop off available), and running errands.

What does "Postpartum Care" consist of?

During the postpartum period I will be an extra set of hands to assist the family in the adjustment of their newest addition. I will be a source of relief and support to ensure a seamless transition for both mom and baby.

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What are these "Add- On" Services?

Such great deals!

Delena The Doula LLC is in partnership with several small businesses in order to enhance your doula experience. This allows me to bring convenience to my clients as well as support other small businesses.

TNT Event Services

Baby Shower Decor and Set Up


Stuffed Belly Kitchen

Meal Prep Services


Pure Angels Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services


Tosi The Yogi

Prenatal Yoga


Personal Training

For After The Baby


New Born/Maternity Photography

Coming Soon

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