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Taking my chances

Although I became a doula almost 4 years ago, I decided recently to try to make this a full-time profession. Over the years, I've tried and failed at both being a doula and holding down a full-time job. As much I love being a doula, I was having a hard time finding both the time and the energy to pour into my practice. I wasn't booking enough births to walk away from my job but I also couldn't put birth on a schedule and would find myself having to constantly choose between the work that paid the bills and the work that I love. I even tried to give up being a doula to focus on my "real job" but in all honesty, I didn't enjoy what I did for a living and ultimately ended up unhappy and disappointed that I didn't stick to my practice. So instead of doing the same thing over and over again, I decided to quit my job and grow my doula business. I know, a huge leap of faith! Especially considering that I had absolutely no clients at the time since I had been focusing on the job. However, birth is something that I am passionate about and if I can put the same amount of energy into my business that I did in all of the positions I've held in Corporate America over the years, something is bound to come together for me. Now residing in the Atlanta area where black businesses are known to thrive, I am setting the intention to be a successful doula. I am manifesting the life that I am intended to live.

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