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Dear Atlanta...

The last few weeks here have been challenging to say the least. I have moved to different cities before so in no way did I expect this move to be easy. The difference is this time I had no job and was relying on the money I saved and the hope that my doula business would do well. It's only been about a month or so however I've had more consultations in these last few weeks than ever so it's very surprising to me that after the consultations I don't hear from the clients again. So I started to do some research, which I should have done when I initially decided to open up shop here, and discovered that my prices were too high lol. In Michigan, the average cost for basic doula services start at about $800. To my surprise, here in Atlanta, the average doula is charging about $500 for basic services. Naturally, I had to adjust my prices. I do however wonder how much doulas are valued here. While I do believe in everyone having access to doula services, doulas also have to be able to sustain themselves. Especially those of us who are trying to make a career out of birth work. I hope that as this industry grows, and doulas prove how the impactful the work that we do actually is, that the rest of the world will see our value as well. In the meantime, I would like to continue to build my business here. There's still so much that I am learning about being a business owner and trying to make something out of nothing. I have so many hopes for how I would like to take over this industry. One day at a time!

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